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Got a question about QUIVR? Check out or FAQ's below.

Get in touch! or @thequivr

We’ve got all the latest gear for you to play on! It’s brand new and we get a lot of compliments on how good everything feels to play on.

2 x Technics Turntables – SL210 MK7
2 x Pioneer CDJ’s – 2000NXS2 Nexus
1 x Pioneer Mixer – DJM900NXS2
2 x Yamaha Monitors – HS8

Right here on our website on the home page! You can also watch it at,, We also stream to our Facebook page: but that stream often gets cut off. Twitch is the most reliable platform to watch.

$25 an hour plus GST and booking fee. We deliberately keep costs low so that anyone can access the space and it feels supportive for the community! As a rule, we don’t allow groups or takeovers at QUIVR. We like to keep the air fare, and usually 4hrs is our maximum booking. If you have an event however that will benefit the community (eg. helping marginalised groups), get in touch and we’ll consider it for sure.

If you want a copy of your photos that we take, it’s an extra $5.50.

If you want a copy of your audio recording, it’s an extra $11.

Anything you like! That’s the whole point. This is all about you and the music that comes directly from your heart and soul – without having to worry about a dancefloor to please. We do have a few proviso’s though – if there is a language warning, please say so into the mic before playing the track – and we reserve the right to stop the stream if we deem any music to be too offensive or discriminatory. Please, just use common sense!

No, we only stream to our website:,, and Best thing to do is to jump on our facebook page and share the live stream directly to your page. 

Yes! We are integrated with both Twitch and Facebook – so if someone makes a comment on either platform, it will come up on the chat line. For the best results, tell your friends to jump on Twitch and sign up for a free account.

We’ve found that the Twitch app and Periscope app work pretty well from a mobile device! Just download these apps and then search for our username @thequivr to watch on your phone.

QUIVR is first and foremost a DJ streaming space. Think of it as visual radio – we’re not a performance space as there is limited room and we’re not set up for anything outside of DJing in our super small space. If you would like to live stream some kind of performance, get in touch – we know a few people in Brisbane who offer this service and are much better equipped to help!

For sure! If you’re a producer or you’d like to perform live, we’d love to have you – be aware that the setup time will cut into your booked time though. Just give us the heads up before hand in your booking form so that we can make sure we’re prepped to help you with your equipment.

There is paid street parking on McLachlan Street

Find Ben’s Burgers on Winn Lane – you’re nearly there! QUIVR is at the end of the laneway, you can’t miss it. We’ll be expecting you!

You will always have someone from the QUIVR team onsite to help and keep an eye on the tech. We’re always checking to make sure that the stream is solid and you look great on camera! We have a tech room that is separate to the QUIVR studio – so you’ll be in the box on your own, but we’ve got your back in case of any dramas.

The laneway is licensed – you can buy beer and wine (and a really nice rum) from Bens Burgers. You can drink whilst playing, but we ask you to be respectful of the space and not do anything on camera that you’ll regret later! 

A couple of days after you’ve done your set, we’ll upload your mix to Mixcloud and Soundcloud. We’ll also occasionally restream your video performance on our website.

Due to licensing restrictions, we can’t hand out the recorded video. We can only stream it live – so we can’t upload it to YouTube and we can’t give you a copy.  We will always share your audio on Mixcloud and Soundcloud though for you to listen to and share afterwards.

Yes! $11 to organise this for you if you’re streaming, or $5.50 if it’s from a practice set. You can either pay it before (preferably) or after your mix. You’ll see this option come up on the booking form.

On request but generally we don’t do groups or takeovers. As a guide, generally our limit is 4 hours – but we’re open to ideas as long as it benefits the space and the community and is in line with the QUIVR brand. We do know of some other spaces around Brisbane who will take group bookings if you want to get in touch.

As a rule, we don’t do events or takeovers. QUIVR is not simply a “space-for-hire,” and we choose not to hold events that will treat the space as such. 

If you have an event in mind that will help the DJ community and aligns with the QUIVR brand though (eg supporting marginalised groups), then let’s chat! 

We are also open to Sponsorship Colabs, if you are representing a brand or organisation. Get in touch!

Absolutely! If you have a vision for how QUIVR and your brand can colab, then we’re all ears. We can curate a whole event for you, and get you the perfect sound to match your brand. Get in touch!

Just the one. If you want to have more than one mic, you’ll need to bring your own. We also only have one XLR mic input, so if you’d like an additional microphone you’ll have to manage the inputs into our mixer.

As part of the service, we generally like to take photos of everyone that plays at QUIVR – this is so we can promote you on social media, as well as have a great album cover to put on Mixcloud and Soundcloud. If you’d prefer to not have your photo taken – just let our team know. We try to be as discreet as possible, so you’ve got nothing to worry about! If you want a copy of these photos, it’s an extra $5 – payable at the time of booking.

Yes! An additional $5.50 will get you a copy of any photos we take during your stream. You can pay this when you book (you’ll see it as an added extra).

Short answer is yes – for now. Although Facebook tends to kick us off the livestream if they detect a copyright concern. We’ll always monitor Facebook and get you back on the livestream, but please be aware that this is out of our control. For the best uninterrupted stream, head to

100% Yessssss! We run beginner group DJ lessons &, private lessons. We would love to help you learn how to DJ! Check out our latest courses here or get in touch via