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Terms of Bookings


When you book time at QUIVR, you are agreeing to the following terms:

All bookings made at QUIVR must adhere to the following terms and conditions. Failure to adhere to these terms and conditions by persons booking the studio or their guests, may result in the session being cancelled with no refund provided. By booking your session, you agree to these terms.

All bookings are to be paid for in advance. If you do not show for your booking, you forfeit the booking fee. We do not offer refunds or credits for a no-show on your booking. You are able to change the booking time up to 12 hours before your allocated booking, using our online system or by getting in touch with us. We’re happy to reschedule your booking if you adhere to this time frame. 

If you cancel at the last minute, or you do not show up for your booking, your booking fee will not be refunded or rescheduled. Please respect the QUIVR staff by giving us plenty of notice – we often get our staff to just turn up onsite for your booking, so it’s helpful for us to know in advance if you are not going to come.

Please bring a backup USB. If you turn up and your USB won’t work in the CDJ’s, we will try our best to help you, but can’t guarantee that it will always work.

Must not be bought to the laneway. Ben’s Burgers hold the liquor licence for the laneway. Alcohol can be bought from Ben’s (they sell singles, 6pack of Beer, Cider, Wine) and can be consumed in QUIVR safely.

We take sanitisation of our space very seriously – all of our equipment is disinfected after each DJ, and we ensure that there is a limit to how many people are in the booth at once. Please don’t come to QUIVR if you are feeling unwell!

Our Facebook live stream will sometimes be muted when it detects a track it recognises, please be aware that this is something we can’t control. We will always do our best to have a continuous stream, but due to tech issues this is something we can not always guarantee. For best uninterrupted viewing, head to the website.

If any excessive damage is caused to the DJ equipment whilst you or your guests are using it, you will be liable for the cost of the repair which may include an insurance excess of $250. Please treat the equipment with respect.

We restrict the display of nudity, sexual activity or explicit content because some people in our community may be sensitive to this type of content. This is in line with all Social Media policies that we stream to. In the interest of safety, we will cut any stream that is deemed inappropriate for our audience – either visually or audio. Basically, don’t do anything on camera that would be inappropriate for a 15 year old to see or hear.

QUIVR is dedicated to providing freedom from judgment, fear, racism, sexism, and all forms of discrimination. Every guest is responsible for upholding this as a safe space for each other to celebrate in. We hold the right to stop streaming, remove and asking people to leave if any of the above is not adhered to by people using the space or if any of the above is brought to our attention by the community.

The person(s) booking QUIVR will be held responsible for their own conduct and the conduct of any person they bring into the studio.

All persons must not abuse, mishandle, damage, modify, or steal any equipment. Accidental damages and spills on equipment is the responsibility of the person who has made the booking. Financial recuperation of the total damage, replacement or repair will be sought from the person(s) who have booked QUIVR should any of this occur.

All food and/or drinks must be kept at a safe distance from any electrical equipment, and not placed on any furniture that contains electrical equipment.

Excessive consumption of alcohol is not permitted. Any person deemed to be overly intoxicated by alcohol or any other substance, will be asked to leave the premises.

Anti-social or disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated. Persons displaying such behaviour will be asked to leave.

Any noise must be kept at a level considerate of our neighbours.

Any questions or concerns?

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